What to expect out of this program?

Hey legend,

If you do exactly what I say, then you can expect to lose 1 pound of body fat per week (on average) until you reach your goal bodyweight and leanness.

You may even lose weight a lot faster than this.

If it's been a while since you've hit the iron, then you can expect to put on a bunch of muscle and build a lot of strength during this program too. Especially in the early parts of your shred.

As you lean down to single digit body fat and your 6 pack becomes clearly visible, it will become increasingly difficult for your body to maintain it's strength.

That's just what happens when you get shredded. The longer you diet down, the more shredded you'll get and the more muscle/strength you will lose. It's a trade off.

If you have the determination to make it down to single digit body fat, you can expect to lose a little bit of muscle and strength towards then end.

But if you make it this far, then you'll be absolutely shredded and feeling amazing.

Like I said before, this mini course is all facts, no bullshit.

I've used the exact approach described in this program to get to 6% body fat several times before.

6% body fat is leaner than most guys will ever achieve. And most guys don't even want to be that lean.

In the final weeks of these self experiments, I lost a lot of strength in the gym and I felt like shit. I don't recommend trying to get this lean.

It's extremely difficult to stay under 6-7% body fat for very long and it often leads to rebounding with weight gain that's hard to control.

Even for the most disciplined of athletes, trying to stay get under 6% body fat is a fool's errand.

For most guys, I recommend dieting down to 8-9% body fat. This is a sustainable level of leanness that will not lead to rebound, weight gain, or hormonal issues.

This course will focus on helping you to get there and teach you how to stay there as easily as humanly possible.

Any body fat percentage under 10% is a fantastic achievement. It's lean enough to be looking unreal. Your arms and legs will look ripped and strong, your midsection and your face will be chiseled. Every muscle will be clearly defined.

Let's be honest lads, this is what we all want to look like!

At 9-10% body fat, you won't lose much strength. But if you go any lower than 8%, you'll start to feel lethargic and your testosterone levels may dip.

When your T levels are low, you'll lose strength in the gym, you'll sleep poorly and your Johnson will stop working. That's no fun.

So I highly recommend you use this program to diet down to 8-9% body fat and stop there, boys.

You'll be looking, feeling and performing your best. You'll be shredded AF! No need to go lower than that.

So those are the results you can expect to see if you follow this program correctly.

Here's what else you can expect in the lessons that follow...

I'm going to keep these lessons short and sweet. I'm going to get straight to the point and lay out clear instructions to get you shredded.

At times, I'm going to be prescriptive.

When I put this together, I wanted to present something actionable with a clear step by step guide for achieving your goals. I wanted to offer a clear plan.

I did not just want to regurgitate a bunch of information you've already heard before.

I also didn't want this to be longer than it needed to be, so I'm not going to always explain things in great detail.

To keep a casual tone throughout the course, I've written each lesson as if it were a text message to a buddy who reached out for advice.

I've pruned it to make it as brief and simple as possible, while still being informative.

You may still learn a thing or two. But I'm less focused on educating you and more focused on just giving you the blueprint to get shredded.

It's all 100% practical and actionable. No bullshit. No fluff.

And on that note, let's be clear about something: there are one million ways to get ripped. There are all kinds of different approaches to dieting and training.

It is undeniable that many of these different approaches all work. Many of them achieve the same end goal.

There are thousands of diet and exercise programs online that will get you shredded if you follow them correctly.

But there can only be one "easiest" way to get ripped. That's what I'm presenting here in this course.

This is the easiest way to get shredded, according to me.

Take it or leave it :)

With that said, welcome to the You're Dominating mini course, mate.

You are now officially "on the shred", legend!